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We regularly feature beers from Black Country Ales. BFG, Pig on the Wall can all be found on the bar and cost just £ 2.20 until 1:00pm




Welcome to The Wellington

The Wellington is a specialist real ale pub, situated in the heart of Birmingham's city centre, located just minutes from both New Street and Snow Hill train stations.
We have 16 handpulls with our regular beers being Wye Valley H.P.A., Purity Mad Goose, Oakham Citra and Black Country Ales B.F.G and Pig on the Wall. The other pumps have constantly changing guest beers from independant and micro breweries. We also have 3 traditional ciders on handpull which also change on a regular basis.

In 2005 we sold 2610 different real ales which we believe is more than any other pub in the UK.
We have won Birmingham CAMRA's Pub of the year award for 2005, 2006, 2008, 2009, and most recently 2011, as well as achieving a finalist position in CAMRA's National Cider Pub of the Year award.



1 Wye Valley - HPA 4%
2 Black Country - BFG 4.2%
3 Black Country - Pig On The Wall 4.3%
4 Black Country - Fireside 5%
5 Oakham - Citra 4.2%
6 Currently Being Changed
7 Froth Blowers - Piffle Snonker 3.8%
8 Falstaff - 1066 4%
9 Urban Huntsman - Side by Side 4.5%
10 Plain Ales - Inncognito 4.8%
11 Fyne Ales - Highlander 4.8%
12 Falstaff - Sputnik 4.2%
13 Riverhead - Cherry Bomb 4.5%
14 Cheshire Brewhouse - A Little Lupy: Motueka 4.2%
15 Toll End - Black Bridge 4.4%
16 Sadlers - Sorachi Solo 6%


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