As well as our hand-pulled beers, we also have our core collection of lagers and keg beers for those who might prefer a bit of fizz.
Freedom Four

An award-winning craft lager, Freedom Four has a fine toasted malt aroma, with sweet malt, spicy hops and light citrus fruit in the mouth, and a dry and hoppy finish. 


ABV: 4.0%
Style: Lager


One of the finest examples of German Pilsner. Veltins is brewed using natural spring water from its own mountain. It has a delicate dry and clean palate, fine carbonated body, slight bitterness and a light citrus finish.


ABV: 4.8%

Style: Pilsner


A Czech Premium Lager, Staropramen is pale gold in colour with delicately flowery aromas and a taste in which hop crispness and malty softness combines to highly drinkable effect.


ABV: 5.0%

Style: Czech Pilsner

Maisels Weisse

A traditional weissbier made according to the old Bavarian style with the unmistakable character of the fine cellar yeast. Aromas and flavours include banana, clove, orange zest. Refreshingly dry and tart.


ABV: 5.2%

Style: Weissbier

Titanic Stout

A true old fashioned stout. A dark combination of malt and roast with some hops. Strongly flavoured and well balanced.



ABV: 4.5%

Style: Stout